Changing company cultures: take aways from #truLondon

truLondonPer and I attended the last 2 days the recruiting Unconference organized by @BillBoorman,  where selected attendees were invited to lead conversation/tracks of their topic of choice. This year’s unconference had a new record of 180 participants from 3 continents. The majority of the tracks were focusing on traditional recruiting topics such as sourcing. But #truLondon also offered very interesting and insightful tracks about modern company culture and their positive impact on both employers and employees.

One example was the track about democratization of the workplace by @WorldBlu that I joined. Worldblu is an organization that developed ten principles that it takes to cultivate a highly successful and sustainable democratic workplace. Three of the 10 principles that particularly resonated with me were:

#3 Dialogue + Listening: Instead of the top-down monologue or dysfunctional silence that characterizes most workplaces, democratic organizations are committed to having conversations that bring out new levels of meaning and connection.

#6 Individual + Collective: In democratic organizations, the individual is just as important as the whole, meaning employees are valued for their individual contribution as well as for what they do to help achieve the collective goals of the organization.

#10 Reflection + Evaluation: Democratic organizations are committed to continuous feedback and development and are willing to learn from the past and apply lessons to improve the future.

@MirandaAsh from Worldblu said that 20 years ago everyone thought that they were insane but today more and more companies are interested in this successful business approach.
The reflection and evaluation principle was also discussed during Per’s track, which took place on #truLonon day 2. He shared insights from his experiences on how to appropriately handle feedback and ways to collect and share that feedback. A takeaway from Per’s track was that performance and peer feedback have to be easy, simple and useful, as well as timely. One tweet send out during the session was from Etienne Besson, an HR Generalist from Switzerland: “Don’t use ratings in peer reviews, says Per from @smallimprove #TruLondon”. In the end, it is important to keep your employees engaged and to encourage and facilitate continuous communication. That way you will improve your office environment and increase collaboration and productivity.

A changing working world leads to new needs for technologies to support democratization of the working place. TruLondon showed us that not only the cool kids in Silicon Valley are looking for a modern approach towards feedback and performance reviews.

TruLondon was a great event and we are looking forward to #truBerlin in our HQ city.

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