Introducing: The Small Improvements Beta Community

Calling All Early Adopters: Join the Small Improvements Beta Community

Want to help shape our roadmap? Be the first to know what’s coming? If so, the Small Improvements Beta Community is the perfect fit for you!

We spend a lot of time iterating and developing exciting new functionality to bring your way. As part of this process so far, we’ve leaned on the valuable feedback and insight from customers on an individual basis. But, collaborating with only a few of our great customers isn’t enough!

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the launch our first official Beta Program! We’re joining together our incredible customers to create a true community. Get a sneak peek into what’s happening at Small Improvements, have your voice heard, share thoughts, test enhancements and stay informed about new features.

This is your opportunity to help shape the future of the product, chat with other customers, share use cases and ideas for the future.

Why Join the Community?

  • Be an integral part of our innovative customer community!
  • Get behind the hood of the Small Improvements product
  • Always know what’s coming and how it impacts you
  • Gain exclusive access to test new beta features before they’re released publicly
  • Share thoughts, ideas and collaborate directly with our development team

How Does it Work?

  • Each month, we’ll showcase recently released and upcoming features in a live webinar
  • During the webinar, you’ll be able to see and ask questions about new developments!
  • We’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A, discussion and collaboration
  • You’re in control! Only enable the features that interest you, when you and your team are ready to try them
  • You can toggle on and off beta features, share with your team or test by yourself, with ease

How Do I Join?

To sign up, simply opt-in to the Beta Program within <Feature Selection> screen, under the Administration Overview:


We’ll be sending details for the first webinar to all who have opted-in shortly. We’re looking forward to working with you to make Small Improvements even better, and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions at

Thank you for helping us shape the future of performance feedback!

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