Small Improvements integrated with OneLogin

Wouldn’t it be great if your staff could use the same password in SI as in your other applications? Even better, if they didn’t have to type in their password at all? We’ve just added Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration to hook your staff up with your LDAP or Active Directory servers. All you need is a (free) basic account with OneLogin. The integration is available free of charge to our Gold Plan customers.

OneLogin is a web-based middleware that connects the cloud applications you use with your internal Active Directory or LDAP servers. OneLogin has tons of features, but we’ll only need one, which is the SAML based SSO option. If you don’t have a OneLogin account yet, then you can use OneLogin entirely for free. Only if you want to connect more services later on you may want to pick a paid OneLogin plan.

Once configured, your staff can either access Small Improvements from the OneLogin dashboard or, if they access Small Improvements via your subdomain (e.g. then OneLogin will ask them for the password — and after they key in their regular LDAP or AD password, we’ll let them on. No more multiple passwords!

The OneLogin integration is now available free of charge to all our Gold Plan customers. Check out the documentation over here!

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