Rich Text Editor is Coming!

We’re proud to announce our new Rich Text Editor (RTE) feature! It supports bullet points, hyperlinks and general text formatting. You will find this feature available throughout the entire application. Now, admins can format review questionnaires and include links to external resources. End users can format their reviews and their objectives properly by adding additional formatting for clarification.

We’ve been using the new editor internally at Small Improvements, and with select clients, for two months now and it has been well received across the board. We believe that feedback should be short and concise, and that by allowing for bullet points and linking to content, rather than including it, feedback can be visually appealing and concise.

Admittedly, good and timely feedback doesn’t always require visual formatting. But, as you can see in the previous sentence, a few visual cues (like italics) do add clarity and make text more enjoyable to read.

Sample: Rich Text while creating an objective

In the following example, you’ll find italics, underlining and bullet points. The difference between formatting and no formatting is subtle but important.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 22.16.10


At the moment, we’re polishing off a few remaining screens and icons. You’ll be able to switch on the RTE feature company-wide beginning March 22.

Beginning May 1st, RTE will be enabled by default for everyone. But, if you prefer to not use it, you can always disable it on the General settings admin screen.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and please, as always, feel free to provide any feedback!

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