Sparkling hidden gems

Small Improvements comes with many powerful features, but as we endeavor to keep the interface simple and intuitive, some handy functionality and base concepts may fly under first users’ radars. In our “Sparks” project, we wanted to design a mechanism to deliver handy instructions and hints to users in order to “enlighten” them on some of these powerful, yet sometimes hidden features.

Let the hidden gems shine!

Inspired by old computer games and this post, we wanted to give customers some guidance to help them find all the little helpful features hidden in our tool. Glowing, pulsating ‘sparks’ will help users to find these tiny pieces of information throughout the application, but in a non-intrusive way. For instance; the “Magic Column” can be found in some tables, which is not used by everyone, but a powerful feature in itself.

spark in table column
Once a user dismisses the tip, they won’t see it again.

Sparks will help users to learn as they go, instead of needing to read the documentation just to get started. When a user explores a feature for the first time, we want to share with them some basic underlying concepts to get them up to speed and ready to go!

introduction spark in dialog
For new users, the concept of Feedback, Review, and Objective Cycles can sometimes be a lot to take in at first. This ‘slideshow’ spark would quickly introduce the concept so they can get started.

The sparks are a way to move towards “learning by doing” instead of reading a manual. We hope you like it and are always open for feedback!

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