Two small UI improvements to spice up the navigation

On Monday, December 5th, we’ll introduce two small changes to the SI user interface. We’re adding a new “create-button” and we’re renaming “Dashboard” to “Home.”

The changes are really small, but in case you’re rolling out SI for the first time next week, then you may want to take these into account for your documentation. Let us know if you’d like early access.

Create content from the menu bar

Small Improvements is more fun when more people contribute. We’re on a mission to make it truly engaging for you to create and share objectives, praise coworkers, and request feedback. Via the new “Create” button in the menu bar, everyone is now able to create content from any screen, anywhere inside Small Improvements.

Have a look at the workflow:


And the best bit about it: once you’re done creating, you can resume your previous task, since you’re not leaving the current screen. You can create objectives while working on a performance review, or praise someone while browsing 360 feedback.

Welcome “Home” – renaming the “Dashboard” tab

In 2017 we’re planning to deliver more data-driven insights to Team and Company-specific dashboards, which will live elsewhere in Small Improvements. The current Dashboard page will act more as a  “Home” page as an entry point for users – it will look the same to admins and individual contributors alike, focusing entirely on the user’s immediate work and surrounding activity.

“Home” is the better word for it, and we’ve been using a small home-icon all along. It’s a tiny change, yet we wanted to let you know upfront to avoid surprises in case you’re planning on launching next week.

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